Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello all!
I ran across an interesting post on the BBC about how the Middle East is offering vocational education programs due to a lack of people to fill these types of positions.  As they grow, they are having to import workers for these positions and want home grown experts.
A friend of mine took a job with with Al Jazerra for the same reason, lack of qualified people in the country.  Too many of the children do not want to do the labor intensive jobs and it is causing problems in the countries.  Sound familiar?  Lots of college graduates, few jobs, no one wants to turn the wrench because it is below them.  Not everyone can be white collar, how many blue collar workers do you know that own Mercedes!  Most earn at least as much as a college graduate doing jobs no one else wants to.  Think about it.

Steve Burhoe

Sunday, September 2, 2012

And What About the Underemployed?
There has been a lot of talk about the underemployed in America and how they are not being counted in the unemployment numbers.  How are you supposed to count these people?

I just finished an economic plan for an airport in South Carolina and they had a plethora of skilled and semi-skilled workers in the community because of a large industry base.  With the coming of Boeing nearby, the goal was to grab some of that business for the community making use of the existing facilities.  But how to grab that business?

We formed an alliance with the local college and community college to establish a transportation center on the airport.  We looked at the hiring schedule for Boeing and its subcontractors to find a fit to the local community.  Being off the main transportation route which has multiple locations available, we targeted the subcontractors to become subcontractors to them. 

Logistics today is the key to successful growth. You need that successful infrastructure and the strong support of the community to properly prepare the businesses for the task at hand.  The support of the local education facilities is the key to providing the talent for the particular situation.  This community got behind the initiative and kickstarted the businesses in the area.